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1. Staff

We introduce ourselves - EDDIE – There’s no moving company like ours!
The other links lead to information about our services and prices. At this point we would like to introduce our moving company. Get to know more about the  development of Umzüge Eddie from the foundation of t he company til now by reading further. Also, you get to know more about our social commitment at the german Kinderschutzbund.

Our way - History oft he company
From a small transport company to a professional company. The firm was founded in 1999 under the name „Kleintransporte EDDIE“. With our small transport services we concentrated on a field of work, that was not covered  by other companys oft he transport industry in Hagen. Suddenly there were the possibility to charge us to transport just one sofa! Soon our company got well-known in Hagen.
As time went by the orders of our customers got more comprehensive. To make the bigger transports possible Eddie needed to extend his transport fleet. Beside some trucks it came about the purchase of a transport lift. Also the shop at the Bergischer Ring got tos mall so Eddie had to open a second shop at the Schwenke in Hagen – Elberfelderstr. 107. The development in the staff was enormous, too. At the beginning Eddie himself carried the transports out but over time Eddie hired more and more employees. He only chose those who were competend enough to satisfy the expectations oft he customers. Most of Eddie’s employees got many years of experience and newcomers always work together with experienced staff and participate in safety trainings. That way removals displaced small transports bit by bit. The last step was the name change in „Umzüge EDDIE“. Further variations are planned…

…the Expansion goes on:
To reach more customers we’re about to extend our company. That means we’re going to hire more eligible employees, get a bigger transport fleet and extend our branch network. Granted: our company is not an old-established firm, but we don’t have to fear the comparison with bigger companys.  We got so far because of hard and adequate work. The significant number of content customers proves us right. One thing that will never change is our price policy. Since we started our slogan is: „No move without our offer!“, we’re sure that we’re able to submit you an attractive offer. Our simple-EDDIE-scale-model allows a simple and transparent calculation for our customers.

We attach utmost importance to social responsibility - We care!
The commitment for those around us is a great concern for Umzüge EDDIE. We afford  our staff a familial work environment with flat hierarchy. We have a sympathetic ear to our employees and seek talks with them. Another very important point is safety at work. Our employees participate trainings from the ASD oft he confraternity and get protective clothes. Further on we commit ourselves to the Kinderschutzbund Hagen dy donations